• Idia Ogala

Matty J on Clubhouse, Digital Products, and Marketing on Turo & Airbnb | Clout101 Podcast

Matty J (@ceomattyj) is a digital real estate investor, business coach, and master marketer. Since 2007, Matty J has launched/developed over 300 brands and campaigns, including CEO Millionaires, Dabbin’ Santa with 2Chainz, Fine Girls by Draya, and Snoblife by Ming Lee (to name a few). He has also worked with celebrities like Kanye West, Master P, Bow Wow, Soulja Boy, Miley Cyrus, and The Kardashians. On episode 4, "Mr. Document The Process", Matty J and I discuss the importance of documenting your process, how to create value on new platforms (i.e., Clubhouse), how to make six figures a month with peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms like Turo & Airbnb, and much more!

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