Ogala Apps

OGALA Apps is a boutique iOS development company that creates programs driven by culture. To date we’ve produced 10+ applications, available for free download or purchase on the iOS App Store.

Below you can find direct links to our more recent projects:

  1. Vizzi Music: Vizzi Music is a music streaming platform that makes accessing audio content simple for fans worldwide. In addition to bridging access to some of the hottest music of today, Vizzi gives users look lens into music stars of tomorrow.
  2. Rhodimojis: Rhodimojis is our first college iOS sticker pack that allows college students to share emojis in messaging conversations! Rhodimojis is specific to the University of Rhode Island. More college options will be added in 2017!
  3. Speed-Text Game: Speed-Text challenges users to race the clock by texting as fast, and accurate, as possible. How fast can you be?
  4. Shmoney Game: Created in 2014, at the height of the Shmoney dance, this game allows users to catch hats from the sky, collect points, and hit a dance or two in the process.