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Cultural Fusion: Hip Hop giants finding value in Africa’s elite

This post was originally authored for & published via The Source Magazine. In addition to blessing us with tech innovations like social media, the information age has made the world ridiculously smaller. Nowhere is this concept more prevalent, at the moment, than in the entertainment industry. What once was an anomaly (of sorts) is now commonplace in artists looking to improve branding… Read more →

A Marketer’s Take on TIDAL: Why I’m Not Bullish

  JAY Z seems adamant on changing the musical landscape through Tidal, his new streaming platform, but will his execution lead to its painful demise?   On March 30th JAY Z, accompanied by 15 of the most successful musical acts on the planet, rolled out the second iteration of Tidal – a music streaming service set to rival Spotify, Pandora and the likes. Labeled a game-changing “movement”… Read more →

10 Essential WordPress Plugins For Your Website/Blog (Free)

Whether you run a high-maintenance website with a vast daily readership, or a personal blog amassing 100 unique visits per month, incorporating the right plugins are essential to your digital success. The best plugins: increase your work efficiency optimize your website for seamless integration with other web platforms improve the experiences of your site-goers (which does wonders for retention + organic traffic)… Read more →

My Top iOS Apps of 2014

 With 2015 less than two weeks away, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the year that was – from a personal, familial and business standpoint. As digital marketers at Silverback Social, we reflect in a similar way via: revisiting business strategy that brought forth favorable results for our client base, understanding key drivers behind the success of company’s in 2014,… Read more →

Facebook’s Storybump to Marketers: Get Creative! Or Drift into Obscurity

This story was originally featured on As of August 2013, the typical Facebook frequenter sports an average of over 141 friends, with a large chunk of the company’s primary demographic (18-24 year old’s) boasting a significantly higher accumulation (510 per user). Facebook and its double friend request mechanism allows for an influx of content, prompting interaction and engagement among its users. On… Read more →